3-string-guitar | a quick 2x3 hour build, Werkstatt für alles GmbH, Mittwoch, 05. Juni 2019

Build an Electric Guitar out of a box!

Do you wanna use your hands and creativity to build a unique object? Are you interested in learning how to use the main tools of wood and metal work? Have you ever dreamt of playing or offering a selfmade music instrument of your own design?
Then this workshop is made for you!
This is a two evenings workshop:

Wednesday 6 - 9 pm
Thursday 6 - 9 pm

What you get

Material and safety equipment is included.
The tasks are adapted to everybody, no matter the skills in the manual work or music field.
The workshop also includes a slide guitar lesson with the finished instruments.
Take home a selfmade music instrument and the basic knowledge to play it!

If you have any questions about this workshop, contact us via workshops@werkstattfueralles.de
We're looking forward to having you around!

Mittwoch, 05. Juni 2019, Werkstatt für alles GmbH, 3-string-guitar | a quick 2x3 hour build

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