A Taxi Happening - MAX DOVEY tour, King Georg Büdchen, Samstag, 08. Juni 2019

A Taxi HappeningOfficial openingSaturday the 8th of June, 7:00 PM “King Georg Büdchen”, Sudermanstrasse 2, 50670 Kölnwww
Max Dovey explores the political narratives that emerge from technology and digital culture, embodying them in live performances. In his new site-specific project, Dovey will show research on emerging data science methods that combine language and psychological analysis for profiling. Individual online communication data from the social media, emails and blogs are aggregated and analysed to produce psychological profiles. Cambridge Analytica, the now defunct company that provided campaign support to both Donald Trump in the US and the pro-Brexit movement in the UK, sold such psychometric analyses to produce targeted audience demographics for more persuasive campaigns. Max Dovey transforms the psychometric personality model into a navigational compass for the city of Cologne. 
Together with Youth Academy participants, he looked at ways to extract psychological data in order to explore Cologne in an immersive taxi ride. They mapped different neighbourhoods via a system of emotional categories and personality types. In the psychometric taxi, you can interact with this system, navigate the car and explore the psychological map of Cologne created through interviews, surveys, observation and other methods of data collection.
Max Dovey (1987, London) creates scenario based experiences that communicate critical reflections on emerging technology and explore the politics of a networked society. After his Master at Piet Zwart Academy Rotterdam, he moved to London and joined Agorama, a collective exploring digital culture through events and distributed technology. Dovey teaches in The Netherlands and the UK and is affiliated researcher at the Institute of Network Cultures. 
NKTaxi is a production of Noordkaap in collaboration with the Academy of the Arts of the World Cologne and made possible with the kind support of:

Samstag, 08. Juni 2019, King Georg Büdchen, A Taxi Happening - MAX DOVEY tour

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