A Taxi Happening - with ABNER PREIS, King Georg Büdchen, Samstag, 08. Juni 2019

Abner Preis takes you on a field trip full of magic and emotion, a taxi ride where ghost stories come alive on the ruins of Cologne’s famous car industry. The streets become a theatre, the abandoned warehouse becomes a life line, run-down factories bustle with movement and sound, ghosts fly in the air… The desire for adventure, the excitement of discovery, the magic of make-believe. Abner Preis guides you alongside empty fabric halls, condominium construction sites in gentrified areas, decayed car parks and old-school car-wash installations. 
"Industrial Ghost Stories" taxis drive exclusively on Saturday nights, taking groups of max. 8 persons. Expect analogue interventions sparkled by artistic DIY interpretations of digitalised stories picked up from Mülheim residents. Abner Preis (1975, Amsterdam) focuses on public performances and mixed-media with traditional storytelling as the central aspect. Preis received his Master’s degree from the Dutch Art Institute in 2014. He exhibited and performed in numerous institutions, i.a. Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven, Hartware MedienKunstVerein Dordtmund, TAAK Amsterdam, Museum Folkwang Essen, The Player Rotterdam, Kunsthal Rotterdam, Human Cities Festival Istanbul and Tetem Enschede. 
NKTaxi is a production of Noordkaap in collaboration with the Academy of the Arts of the World Cologne and made possible with the kind support of:

Samstag, 08. Juni 2019, King Georg Büdchen, A Taxi Happening - with ABNER PREIS

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