EUsim Simulation, Lyoner Str. 25, Freitag, 05. Oktober 2018

EuSim Group Level
A three-day simulation training in which you learn to develop and implement scenarios in your own working environment. In the Level 1 EuSim Simulation Instructor Course ( formerly EuSim Basic) the expertise of various simulation centers and experienced multidisciplinary instructors is uniquely combined. The course brings a mixture of theory and practice and emphasizes the importance of feedback through learning in a safe and stimulating atmosphere. Participants interact in small groups interactively with the instructors.

Purpose of the course
Enabling participants to provide simulationbased courses for acute medical care, in which subjects are treated as Crisis Resource Management.

Target audience
Professionals in health care, who want to involve simulators and a simulation environment in their education.

Content course
During the course, attention is paid to:

Making known with the simulator and simulation environment
Design and implement scenarios
'Debriefing' (structures, difficulties, use of video, reporting systems)
Medical errors and patient safety
Principals of education for adults
Develop courses
The various roles of the simulation instructor

Experience, practice and feedback, theory, practical workshops, structured consulation.

EuSim Group
The EuSim group consists of experienced simulation instructors from simulation centers in Copenhagen, Denmark, Germany, England.

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Freitag, 05. Oktober 2018, Lyoner Str. 25, EUsim Simulation

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