Free Intro Talk: What is Conscious Masculinity?, Maha Yoga Zentrum, Freitag, 29. November 2019

What is Conscious Masculinity?Masculinity seems to be one of the most debated topics, and there is a growing wave of "consciousness".Are these two popular topics the answer to one another?Thomas Orboe introduces the ancient perspective on masculinity - that true masculinity IS the antidote to Toxic Masculinity and the Castrated the importance of consciousness in masculine expression.If in the end you wish to learn more about awakening the masculine consciousness, we will offer a full seminar exclusively for men that will delve into 3 fundamental notions of modern masculinity: SpeakerThomas Orboe is a yoga and tantra teacher at Natha Yoga Center Copenhagen. He is also skilled personal trainer and diet counselor, and has helped many transition to a new healthier lifestyle. Thomas is the coordinator of the Awakening Vira project for helping men re-discover the fundamental principles and mechanisms of masculinity based on ancient tantric knowledge and modern science as he has learned from his mentor and teacher Advaita Stoian.*****************************************************************************INTRO EVENT IS FREE

Freitag, 29. November 2019, Maha Yoga Zentrum, Free Intro Talk: What is Conscious Masculinity?

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Bode Museum: Skip The Line

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