Heartbeat in Hong Kong: Elaine Chiu's Exhibition | 心跳在香港: 趙綺婷作品展, Central District, Freitag, 14. Oktober 2016

Hong Kong post-90s artist, a Fine Arts major at the University of Hong Kong, Elaine Chiu’s works reflect her individual relationship with the fast-paced urban culture in Hong Kong through landscapes and cityscapes. From her perspectives, the artworks reveal personal sentiments that merge with the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Inspired by her empirical point of view, the art creation of Elaine represents a very personal and free process, recorded by the rich colors that capture the moments of intense emotions. With watercolor as the primary medium, its airy brushes of transparency promise enrapturing images in a mystifying and bewildering eras. To her, painting is not only an exploration in the microcosmic portrait of the city, but also a journey of soul searching. By combining the realistic street images with watercolor rendering, she explores the intertwined relationship between observation and sentiments, and projects the city through her eyes and soul.

“Heartbeat in Hong Kong” featured at MTR Arttube from 14th October to 9th December 2016 is Elaine’s first solo exhibition. The exhibition is kindly sponsored by MTR Arttube, and will showcase her 29 recent artworks with watercolor and mixed media. The exhibits witness the growth of the young painter, inviting the audience to sense the vibes and the heartbeat of the bustling city through the eyes of a post-90s watercolor artist. Her artworks juxtapose florid colors with realistic scenes, embedded in the projection of emotions, to ponder her relationship with the past, present and future of Hong Kong.

Curator: Emily Yang Chenxi
Exhibition Period: Oct 14 - Dec 9 2016
Venue: Arttube, Central MTR Station

生於香港、長於香港,趙綺婷現於香港大學文學院修讀藝術系。作為本地九十後畫家,她的畫作大多圍繞香港城市景色,從第一身視角刻畫個人與都市生活的關係。使用水彩作為主要繪畫媒介,本著其透明靈動的特質,渲染出轉瞬即逝、交織交融的畫面和情感。對她而言,創作像是在城市縮影中的冒險、亦像是對心靈的探索, 由畫作帶領大家以自身視角再次聆聽我們身處城市的脈搏與心跳,當主觀和客觀再無邊界,藝術家將踏上一場以感情色彩導遊的街頭遊歷,從身外的節奏,感受心內的悸動。



Freitag, 14. Oktober 2016, Central District, Heartbeat in Hong Kong: Elaine Chiu's Exhibition | 心跳在香港: 趙綺婷作品展

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