Intensive Course: Environmental Education & Training in Refugee Operations, Berlin, Montag, 19. August 2019

'Training for capacity building to design and implement sustainable resource management through environmental education for refugees and displaced immigrant operations’

Course Durations: 10 days

2019 Scheduling:

1. August 19th-30th

2. September 16th-27th

3. October 21th-November 1st

4. December 2nd-13th

The main objective of this training course is to equip participants about how to design environmental education for refugees and how to implement it step by step during refugee operation. 

Learning objectives:  • Energy efficient behavior: Focus to reduce consumption of fuel, mainly wood for cooking and warmth. Solar-based cooking will be introduced • Sustainable housing & shelter: In the early stages of an influx, significant proportion of wood use in refugee camps. Environmental education will help for realizing the design and construction of sustainable refugee housing by using alternative materials  • Conservation natural biodiversity: Promotion of domestic tree planting, protecting other biodiversity will be introduced through environmental education to protect nature. • Soil and water conservation: Focus of topics include the management of soil by reducing the erosion and improving the conditions. Soil and water pollution control concepts and protection of water sources with the concept of integrated water management will be provided. • Gardening and cash crops production (agricultural and horticultural production): Education and capacity building training to produce vegetables and other cash crops or gardening plants.  • Children’s theme parks: Topics to focus refugee children for environmental management. They can easily play with nature and improve their awareness by using their curiosity, energy and natural instincts.  • Health safety: Topics for learning how to take disease prevention measure through appropriate sanitation, water pollution, hygiene issue link to health education. • Local laws and traditions on natural resource use: Topics to learn traditional resource management practices of the local people, understanding the regulation of local access into land, wildlife protection laws, fire regulation and right over other natural resources. This is important to minimize the conflict with local host communities.Focused Content: Gaining field experiences from real situations.

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Montag, 19. August 2019, Berlin, Intensive Course: Environmental Education & Training in Refugee Operations

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