Kabbalah 2 in English (Berlin), The Kabbalah Centre Berlin, Mittwoch, 06. Februar 2019

Kabbalah 2
After learning the foundation principles in the first course, and understanding that life is not something that simply happens to you, but rather a reality you can fully control with powerful spiritual tools - The Power of Kabbalah 2 will take you deeper and teach you how to identify your own personal barriers and what tools can be used to overcome them and create the life you want for yourself.In this course you will learn about ego, fear and stress, spiritual windows in time, daily meditations for increasing awareness and much Identifying your tikun• 5 extensions of the Ego• Time zones• The power of water• The power of the Hebrew letters• Ana B’Koach• The wisdom of the Zohar• Transformational sharing• The tree of life• Questions and answers
Language: EnglishDate: Wednesday, 6. February @ 7pm with Mali Mizrahi
Price: 10 classes for 101€

Mittwoch, 06. Februar 2019, The Kabbalah Centre Berlin, Kabbalah 2 in English (Berlin)

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