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Important:: This is a members-only event therefore if you are not a Lean In Bonn member but would like to participate in the event, please send a request to join the circle through the link here.
Just before the start of the summer, we feel it's the right time to unleash your highest vibe and get fully into the essence of who you really are as a woman. It's time to Lean In (to) your Feminine and see how would it feel to lead more from her, speak more as her, be more aligned with her in your everyday life, as the woman in you can help you thrive in all your roles in life: professional, homey, playful... and many more. As long as you know how to tune more into her.
Juggling all these roles in life can be challenging and finding the balance can be really tricky. Many women tend to focus too much on one and forget about the others, especially the most pleasurable ones.
Living in centuries of patriarchy has conditioned us, women, to adopt and value more of masculine than feminine traits: competition over cooperation, being smart over being intuitive, controlling over trusting.
This results often in women pushing too much to achieve what they want and having a counter-effect on their overall satisfaction with life. Being focused too much on achievements and too little on our soul's desires can take a toll on our achievements as well.
Luckily, we have Ana in our community who supports women to find balance by simply being more women and living in alignment with their natural essence balancing the masculine and feminine.
Her motto is: Shine Your Truth. She believes that having more pleasure in life is directly related to the level of success we have.
So if you want to get tips on how to deal with these challenges, join us in our next event.
Lean In Bonn

Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2019, Stilstrategie, Lean In Bonn | Lean into Your Feminine

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