01. November 2017 - 9:00

Lucca Comics & Games Heroes 2017, Deutsche, Mittwoch, 01. November 2017

This November from 1st to 5th will be the first exhibition from XM Studios Premium Collectibles in europe. The Lucca Comics & Games in Italy is the main European festival dedicated to comics, games, cinema and video games that since 1966 celebrates pop culture. This is the right place for XM Studios to visit europe for the first time and present their statues to the european collectors. With nearly 500,000 total visitors, over 40,000 square meters of exhibition space, 20 exhibitions, more than 500 events between authors and publishers, shows and concerts, is a must-see for enthusiasts of all possible worlds.

To have all this Lucca Comics & Games information and more on one place we created for you a own "Lucca 2017" page on our homepage www.xm-studios.shop. You can find it at the Top Menu on the right at "Lucca 2017" or you can use the following link: "Lucca 2017: http://bit.ly/2vI9pSf".

If you visit the Lucca Comics & Games this year you can meet the XM Studios staff with Ang Seng and Bryan Tan. Now the big cherry for you guys. See him in person and Pre-Order the XM Hulkbuster 1/4 Statue right here at the Lucca 2017!

Mittwoch, 01. November 2017, Deutsche, Lucca Comics & Games Heroes 2017

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