Money Mindset: A Crash Course in Abundance, Wonder Coworking, Samstag, 06. Juli 2019

Money is one of the most important areas of our lives, yet many people think they should neither ask for it nor talk about it. Now how can that work?
Enough of these limiting ideas: Done the right way, earning money can be real fun and create a lot of value. In this crash course you are finally going to take a closer look at your money mindset and transform it at the root. Learn how to:

Shift your belief system from lack to abundance
Build a healthy and loving relationship with money
Create a vibrant vision that motivates you to share your talents
Use mindfulness techniques for emotional balance & strategic thinking

This energizing event is a wake-up call and your opportunity to tap into your highest potential - including your financial situation! The simple yet powerful truths taught in this workshop will serve as a reminder for your creative nature and boost your self-confidence. Stop making money a problem, and start to use it as a tool for your personal development.
Julia Suciu is a Certified Professional Coach specialized in Emotional Intelligence and Mindset Design. Prior to her certification she studied at the University of Hohenheim and wrote her thesis about mindfulness meditation in the corporate environment. She is absolutely passionate about exploring neuroscience and combining her academic skills with her own experiences and insights about consciousness.
Be prepared for diving deep and having significant insights that will blow your mind!
Looking forward to this great workshop. Please arrive in time.

Samstag, 06. Juli 2019, Wonder Coworking, Money Mindset: A Crash Course in Abundance

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