06. Juli 2019 - 19:00

Suffolk Zombie Tag, Deutsche, Samstag, 06. Juli 2019


Summer 2019. Lost in the woods of Suffolk, VA.

Come enjoy this upgraded and remodeled version of the classic Zombie Tag played from 2010-2011. Survive the night and hit all checkpoints while avoiding the Horde. Reach the final checkpoint alive and claim victory for yourself or team.

A new location promises a new challenge and new frights. Traverse the unknown terrain with your fellow survivors as you arrive at each checkpoint, hoping to outlast the rest and reach the safe haven. If you engage the Horde, run, hide, survive.


Zombies and survivors will be randomly identified. Survivors will be given a lifeline that must be visible and attached to their person at all times. Zombies will attempt to grab this lifeline and force the survivor into the Horde.

We will begin at the breakout site. Those selected to be zombies will scatter into the woods with a five minute grace period. When time stops the survivors will be sent into the woods in two minute intervals in teams or individually.

Once released the survivors will trek through the woods and streets in search of identified checkpoints.

Within checkpoints survivors are safe from zombies. Here they can rest, recuperate, and strategize. Inside all checkpoints will be a location-unique glow stick that survivors must carry to the safe haven.

Once survivors have collected all glow sticks they make their way to the safe haven. Upon arrival and verification that all checkpoints were visited with their lifeline intact, winner winner chicken dinner.

Samstag, 06. Juli 2019, Deutsche, Suffolk Zombie Tag

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