The Cat Walk - Alternative Berlin History Tour, In front of "Akademie der Künste", Samstag, 04. Juli 2020

 If you love the creative vibe and free spirit of Berlin, you may have asked yourself where it all came from.
 Wasnt this place the headquarter of **** terror and after that the focal point of cold war tension between east and west?
 Sad but true, however:
when the Berlin Wall came down, this "peaceful revolution" brought about a historically unique situation which allowed the people of Berlin and visitors from around the world to use the devastated spaces of the past as experimental playground,
and to create a tolerant, multicultural and very vibrant lifestyle, in which art and alternative culture are playing leading roles.
 "Do the Cat Walk" is an alternative Berlin history walk that aims at explaining how this transformation has come about.
 It starts at Brandenburg Gate and finishes at Hackescher Markt after about 2,5 hours.
You can get a free of charge ticket here, which will serve as your space reservation. When you join the tour, the first half hour is free. 
After that, if you like the tour and stay until the end, you will be asked to kindly make a donation of
10 € per person 

Samstag, 04. Juli 2020, In front of "Akademie der Künste", The Cat Walk - Alternative Berlin History Tour

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