❗TOP❗ eXtreme Automation (Frankfurt), Frankfurt, Germany, Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2018

TicketsMore information and tickets is available is a growing movement that encourages closer collaboration of developers and system operations to help business goals to be achieved efficiently and on time. Software development and infrastructure scaling are very fast-paced nowadays. That brings a necessity of larger automation, measurement and information sharing for all involved 2-day workshop focuses on solving challenges that organisations face when implementing DevOps initiatives. It introduces principles of DevOps and tools that help reach full automation of infrastructure provisioning and software delivery. Theoretical background as well as practical hands-on examples of tools like Ansible, Docker, AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, Serverless and many others are given during this The course is based on real-world experiences implementing automation and DevOps initiatives.✅ The course includes practical Lab work.✅ The course material is continuously updated to follow latest trends in automation tooling.✅ The course will show many tools in action including Jenkins, ELK, ServerSpec, Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes, Serverless.✅ The course runs in a small group with a lot of discussion and experience exchange.✅ Attendees will receive the optional coding assignment for skill polishing. Homework will be reviewed and supplemented by constructive feedback.✅ Attendees will receive references to documents, books, videos and GitHub projects for continuous, independent Introduction to DevOps: The story, Problems, Main principles✅ Team work: DevOps team topologies, Unplanned work, Making work visible, KanBan for Ops, Site Reliability Engineers✅ Automation is the key: Why to automate? What to automate? How to automate? When to not automate? Automation arguments, mathematical models, automation approaches✅ Continuous X: Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Delivery, Relation to DevOps, Lean, and Agile✅ Configuration management: Metadata management, Maturity model, Service Discovery, Configuration Servers, GitOps✅ Infrastructure automation: Managing environments, Developer’s machine, From development to production, Infrastructure scaling, Mean time to recovery, Servers vs. Serverless, SDN (Software Defined Networks), SDx (Software Defined Everything)✅ Cloud infrastructure: Public clouds, Private clouds, Cloud Economics, Cloud Security, IaaS (infrastructure as a service), PaaS (platform as a service), CaaS (container as a service), FaaS (function as a service)✅ Tooling: Local development, Infrastructure connectivity, Infrastructure provisioning, Infrastructure testing, Infrastructure monitoring✅ Lab work: Git, Vagrant, Packer, Bash/Fabric, Puppet/Ansible, ServerSpec, Jenkins/GitLab-CI/Bamboo, Docker, Terraform, AWS, Kubernetes, Serverless, ELKAudienceDevelopers, software architects, technical project managers, system earn eXtreme Automation certificate by attending the example certificateLanguageThe course is taught in Andrey Adamovich is a software craftsman with many years of experience in different lifecycle phases of software creation. He is passionate about defining good development practices, documenting and presenting architecture, reuse of code and design patterns, profiling and analysis of application performance as well as extreme automation of development and operations activities.At the moment, Andrey works as a free-lance DevOps consultant offering his expertise in implementing DevOps initiatives, selecting automation tooling, switching to infrastructure-as-code and immutable infrastructure and constructing software delivery is a frequent speaker at international conferences and local communities. He presented at more than 60 events in 19 countries.
He is one of the leaders of LatCraft - Latvian Software Craftsmanship Community as well as co-founder and organizer of DevTernity  information and tickets is available here.

Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2018, Frankfurt, Germany, ❗TOP❗ eXtreme Automation (Frankfurt)

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