Woodworking and DIY for Beginners, Wonder Coworking, Samstag, 07. März 2020

Are you one of those of many who believe that you have two left hands? Or do you think that you need to be extremely smart or handy to start building your own furniture? Have you always wanted to learn about the drill, orbital sander, and jigsaw but for one or another reason have still hesitated to make the first move towards the amazing world of power tools?
Then I invite you to join my Woodworking and DIY workshop for complete beginners. We try the goodies of the hand tools and build a simple toolbox you can take home with you. I will show you all the tricks and tips I have learned during my journey from an office worker to a hands-on furniture designer. This will help you to start developing your own skill-set and eventually save some money too.

Samstag, 07. März 2020, Wonder Coworking, Woodworking and DIY for Beginners

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